Date: 2-13-18 Call to order - 7:00 p.m. Minutes - Approved by Kathleen Kelly and Marcia O’Kane Treasurer’s Report - Marcia included 3 grants at $300.00 each / Insurance is pending Committee Reports - Molly spoke about teaching at private schools for workshops and classes. • Bob West volunteered to help with school class workshops as he has resources information form the schools through working with his children and is Boy Scout Leader. Membership - Kathleen Kelly is sending applications out to previous members. Sherry mailed to non-email members. Shows - Must have dues paid up to be in member shows. (Hardship see Molly or Marcia). • 4/2/18 Library Hanging 9:00 am / Take-down 4/30 9:00 am • 4/20 and 21 ARTFEST - Patio, Trustee Room and Gallery (still open). Hang 8:00 am show 10 - 4 both days. • 5/19 Bayfair 10 am - 4 pm (voted by member) • June - July Zocalos • Senior Center - Summer (dates on way). • Plein Air - Sat. 2/17/18 9am - 12pm Livermore. See Molly for information and ride. • Sat. March 17 - Meek Estate - lunch Hayward Historical Museum on Foothill Outside Shows - Adobe - John and Marcia received awrds. We have several members representing SLAA there. Hayward Arts Council reception 2/24 (Historical Museum). Demo: Shannon Whitney - watercolor Refreshments provided tonight: Kathleen Kelly and Carolyn Weatherbee Next month: Bob West and Helga Artist of The Month - Janis Cushere - watercolor (see SLAA Facebook page for photos of artists). Meeting adjourned 7:30 pm Demonstration finished - 8:30 pm. Taken by Kathy Reis/Submitted by Molly Dolly