Happy February Fellow Artists,
Thanks to Marcia, Deborah, Bob and his son, Scott, Molly, Augie and Stella

for helping set up the show at the San Leandro Senior Center. 19 artists, 48 pieces of art over 3 rooms! It looks great. One of my favorite things about the association is how so many are willing to help support the greater group. A special shout out to Scott West, not a member but a good son, who stayed late to help with a last-minute addition to the show which required some moving about of the art to make space in the crowded rooms.

As it is time to renew your membership, please let me know directly if you have a hardship with the $40 fee. The Board discussed this issue at our meeting and have an option to pursue individually as needed. Each of you brings something special to the Association so we want to make sure to maintain as many of you in the group as possible. The $40 fee we collect helps us pay the stipend to the demonstrators each month, our insurance, the fee we pay to the library to stay after hours during our meetings, supporting costs to have our shows, etc. It all adds up.

It looks like the coming year will be full of displaying our art in the usual places and having 2 ArtFests, one in the summer and one in the fall. If you know of a place where members can display, please let one of the board members know.

I look forward, nervously, to my first monthly meeting as president. See you all on the 12th.