Hello Dear Artist Friends,
As I reminisce the events of the past two years where I performed SLAA presidential duties I see positive changes that transpired. The transition from a relatively non-technical savvy association to the use of Facebook and website improvements enhanced SLAA.

When I took on my duty; the library made changes which impacted our meetings, not having the use of our cabinet. Casa Peralta was put on hold and I made the decision to have our 1st ARTFEST at the library which was a success where the utilization of the “Square“allowed buyers to charge artwork that was for sale. I thank Marcia for that suggestion.

“Kat” Kathleen Kelly will be taking hold of the role of President with gusto.  She’s a talented Digital Artist with great ideas. I want to thank the board for doing a great job with me and I’m looking forward to your new board with new ideas in 2019.
Love from Molly Dolly.

Here are a few words from your new president:

Happy New Year Fellow Artists!
First off I’d like to thank Molly for all her hard work over the past two years! I’d also like to thank the outgoing board members, especially Cathy Chow, for doing such good work towards moving the association through some interesting and challenging events. I’ve not been with the association long but I am so impressed by the support the membership shows to each other and how willing everyone is to share information. I really enjoy getting to know everyone!

I am a bit daunted by taking on the mantle of President but know I have an amazing group of people to call upon to help do all the various things that keep us moving as an association. I’m excited to find out how we can become a larger presence supporting the arts for kids at community events and giving more back to the schools with our Dorothy Cunningham Grant. Oh, and having great shows!

Please be patient with me as I learn my new role. I am open to any words of wisdom, so feel free to contact me if you have any ideas to benefit the group!

Best wishes to you all for a successful, art-filled 2019!
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