Happy March Fellow Artists,
Well, I feel I didn’t make too much of a fool of myself at my first official meeting but it’s more likely you were all distracted by the puppy I had to bring with me.

 SLAA Secretary Cricket with celebrity dog Pooh

In March, I will be prop-free so we’ll see how that turns out.
I have contacted San Leandro Next to see if we can get involved with any of their upcoming events in 2019. Their Truth Thursdays seem to be gaining traction and the board has discussed hosting an art/craft table during the once a month events which start in May and run through October. We’ll be asking for volunteers to man the table - it’s actually really fun. We may be able to do the same at other events and interact more with the local community. We are already discussing our booth at the Annual Cherry Festival in early June. Sharing art with local kids, and adults, is a great way to expose them to new art ideas.
ArtFest is coming up in June so go out and make some new art!