Dear Fellow Artists,
I am very grateful to Tervina Moy for inviting Molly, Cricket, Marcia and me to be her guests at the De Young to see the Monet exhibit.

The five of us were able to find a date in common and had a lovely excursion over and back. With my teensy new knowledge of painting (thanks Azar!) I was quickly fascinated by the incredibly loose, color-filled strokes that when combined made such amazing images appear. I took a lot of close ups of the paintings! Wow!
Big news! The board approved a motion to purchase one set of the new light-weight grids which will eventually replace the existing heavy and unwieldy grids we have used for ages. It is our hope that with at least one set we will be able to create some smaller, mobile shows on short notice. Marcia and Lawrence have offered to host the new grid set so we won’t have to go through the library security to access as needed. That always complicates it.
That said, I met with Zach Borja, at the Station SL, 1499 Hays Street. Station SL hosted the First Saturday Art event, April 4, and is looking for ways to partner with organizations within the community in some manner.  He has many connections with city business who may be interested in having small shows at their locations. The owner, Shannon Hackley, of Station SL is also interested in discussing having members display work within the office space. More info to come.
I hope you will make an effort to come to the May general meeting. We are voting on which images to use for our Dorothy Cunningham Art Grant greeting card fundraiser project. I received the images with no time to announce before the April meeting. I really want the members to have a say in which kids art gets chosen.