Dear Fellow Artists,
On June 1, the art association participated in the 110th annual Cherry Festival in San Leandro. We had two booths across the street from each other, one for our craft table and the other an information booth where we handed out art packets for children (and some adults!).

With some extra begging on my part the membership stepped up and we had a good turnout of volunteers to help. I’d like to thank: Chris Erwin, Stella Chen, Stephanie Turner, Molly Dolly, Augie Kaeck, Marcia O’Kane, Melissa O’Kane, Deborah Gallegos, John Noel, Carolyn Weatherbee, Allison Hall, Kathy Ries, John Ries and Azar Vaghefi for helping during the event. Molly, Deborah, John and Azar also did art demos. It was wonderful watching everyone helping out! The craft table was well-received and was crawling with kids almost all day. Plus we gave out hundreds of art packets.
Our next community event will be Truth Thursday,
July 25, at the Tech Campus behind the SL BART station. We will host a craft table again. I’ve asked about the possibility of having a small art show, too, so keep your fingers crossed. We’ll be able to use the BRAND NEW grids we purchased!
I’ve been in touch with the owners of The Cooler on E. 14th Street to get us on the schedule to display our artwork. They are excited to have us hang there. I’ll let you know when we get on the schedule.
The board is happy to share that we have started to put the pedal-to-the-metal in gathering sponsorship funds to help with the association and the community outreach we are extending, such as the craft tables at events and creating grants for art teachers and art students in San Leandro. In the past month we have raised $2,500! And this is before we roll out our sponsor benefit sheets! Wow!
-kat President • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.