Dear Fellow Artists,
Well, July was a busy month! We hung the show at The Cooler, on July 11 with 23 members participating. Many thanks to Marcia O’Kane, Molly Dolly, John and Kathy Ries, and Chris Erwin for their help hanging the show!
On July 25, we participated at Truth Thursday.

Special thanks to Marcia O’Kane, John and Kathy Ries, Molly Dolly, Augie, Carolyn Weatherbee (and a sleepy Quinn), Stephanie Turner and, my friend, Mary Leigh, who volunteered to help set up our booths at the event, as well as volunteering to stay and help out. We ended up with three pop ups, one for our information table, one for the small art show (11 members participated) and one for our kids-craft table.  I’m grateful for the other volunteers: Paula Greer, Lee Anette Holmes, Lawrence August, Ginny Milo (and volun-told husband, Eric) and Melissa O’Kane, who also helped out as the evening unfolded.

The hard workers who helped set up and man the Truth Thursday booths on July 25th.
The art show booth was well-visited throughout the evening. Kathy Ries and Carolyn Weatherbee both made sales and a few artists greeting cards sold, too. The big hit was our first roll-out of the Children’s artwork greeting cards. Marcia and Kathy helped with stuffing the cards into the cello bags. We packaged individual cards ($4 ea), a set of all six ($18 ea) and a set of two-each of all six ($24 ea). We generated $88. All the proceeds go directly to the Dorothy C grant!
The craft table was, yet again, a success. Of course, the kids thinned out as it got later in the evening but many happy children created butterflies. We also made up more art packets and handed those out as well.
On August 1, we put up the late-summer show at the SL Senior Center. We hung 40 pieces of art by 14 artists! Kudos to Molly Dolly and Cricket Gallegos for helping to hang the center room and extra thanks to Chris Erwin, Ana Marie Rodriguez and Barbara Andreasen for staying late to help finish! It took three hours to get everything up but it looks great!
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