Laura Schofield, Sacramento/East Bay Artist and Art Educator

For the last 30 years, Laura has been an active artist and art educator in the Sacramento and East Bay area. Along with private and group tutoring, she currently offers art workshops and demos for children, teens, adults and seniors. Laura has illustrated 3 books and has participated in several art shows. She has a history of volunteering her art services for many years at the Contra Costa Animal Services Department and other non-profit organizations.

“I enjoy a more empathetic approach to teaching. I like to create an environment that address the emotional limitations that may hinder creativity. For instance, if a student has fear of participating in a project, I simply have them draw a line on their paper. There. They have now committed to the art piece!

It’s about placing your emotions from your heart into your artwork, rather than over think it in your brain. Occasionally, I’ll have a student cry in class because art allows us to express and release. I believe if the viewer of my own art has an emotional reaction, whatever that emotion is, then I have done my job successfully as an artist.”